Square Enix recently revealed a bunch of new details for Dragon Quest Builders – including details of the start area and bonuses for ordering the game.

Let’s start with some…


The land of Merkid is in ruins when you first get there, though you’ll clearly be able to see the remnants of a fortress city that once was. Now, Merkid is all grassy plains, poisonous swamps, rocky mountains, and gas-shooting monsters – you know… nothing good.

Speaking of topography, you’ll likely com across dungeon-like caves in your travels through the Merkid area – and these caves may contain valuable materials.


Oh, and there are Travel Gates as well – you’ll want to watch for those.


Unique Characters;

By listening to what the non-player characters in the game have to say you can get hints that might help to revive the town, and there are even character that will become guides on your adventures.

  • Rolondo is a bearded man who’s the son of the former mayor of Merkid. He possesses a Merkid Record that may help in the town’s revival.
  • Prinn is a girl who is in charge of the town’s reconstruction; she’ll present the hero with a variety of requests.

Other characters will be left behind in monster dens, and you’ll have to drive away the monsters to save them – bringing them back to town.


Speaking of bringing characters back to town, townsfolk are an important part of the town’s development. Players should adventure to a variety of different areas and try to find anyone who has wandered away and can’t get back.



As for monsters, we’ve heard about the Dracky, Droll, and Skeleton. Apparently a number of Drolls roam the poisonous swamp zone, and you’ll come across the Skeleton early on in the game.

In addition to details of Merkid and the area however, we also have some new information on first-print and retailer bonuses – which we’ll go over next.

First up is the first-print bonus, which comes in the form of some beautiful cherry-blossom trees;

Next we get a look at the retailer bonus for the Square Enix e-store, which is the Slime Pattern Block Recipe;

The rest of the bonuses include a battle ticket and a blueprint set – the items available in free play mode. Battle tickets will bring out an army of monsters, and defeating this army will net you original blueprints that can be used to create pixel art characters from Dragon Quest III.

Amazon.co.jp – Death Knight & Armor Knight Army + Dragon Quest III Mage (male) blueprint set;


Aeon – Killing Machine & Hunter Mech Army + Dragon Quest III Sage (female) blueprint set;


Game Tsutaya – Gold Golem & Skeleton Solder Army + Dragon Quest III Priest (male) blueprint set;


Bic Camera/Sofmap/Kojima – Beawarewolf + Ghost Army + Dragon Quest III Monk (female) blueprint set;


Yodobashi Camera – Wizard & Dracky Army + Dragon Quest III Warrior (female) blueprint set;


Lawson/MiniStop – Dragon & Slime Army + Dragon Quest III Hero (male) blueprint set;


Dragon Quest Builders is set to release January 28th in Japan, has it got your attention yet?

  • Mauricio Quintero

    I can’t be more exited about this.

  • …Oh Man, my Kids will love that game!!!…Hey, Squeenix…I am gonna buy 2 copies if you´re bringing this to Europe…and if you´re extra-nice, release it with German Subs!!!…

  • Lester Paredes

    My wife will adore this. Minecraft cross dragon Warrior? Hell yeah. If it’s got enough RPG influence, I might get into it, too.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    Can’t wait!

  • gamezalv

    This game looks freaking amazing! I pray to God that SE localises this game.