Borderlands 2 received an unexpected patch today, and some of the additions in the patch notes may make you want to return to Pandora to continue your vault-hunting!

Version 1.06 of Borderlands 2 weighs in at a reasonable 74MB and features a host of modifications that will hopefully improve player’s experiences of the game on the Vita.

In the patch notes above we can see all of the changes that Version 1.06 brings, with the bottom two points telling us that Borderlands 2 now takes advantage of the additional memory that PlayStation Vita firmware 3.50 made available for developers.

Will this update improve Borderlands 2‘s performance on the Vita? Why not refresh your Live Screens, download the patch and jump back into Pandora to find out for yourselves? Let us know if this will get you revisiting Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation Vita in the comments below. I sure know that I will be jumping back in for some looting and shooting action!

  • Brian Sharon

    I’m super curious as to how this will affect the gameplay. Someone please chime in!

  • Wow!!!…wasn´t expecting that!!!…great news…seems like I have to give that game another go…

  • Buckybuckster

    Sweet! I have the game but I’ve barely touched it due me having such a large backlog. I thought the graphic performance was okay but could be improved upon. May have to move it to the front of the list once I do the update. I hope other developers take advantage of the extra memory to improve the performance of older games.

  • Steve Jaworski

    Great! I noticed Killzone Mercenary also had a recent patch to address stability. Excellent to see such support!

  • Alpha

    I though the 1.06 update was already released last year for the vita.

    • …ok, something weird going on here…Update 1.07 released in May this year…and now we´re getting Update 1.06!!!…hmmmm

      • Charlton Hestons

        Its actually 1.08 tho.

      • Europe has weird numbers for some reason, it’s v1.08 over here in North America.

    • Ichigo Yoite
  • Lester Paredes

    Awesome! Just started replaying it, too. Maybe, well get lucky and get the rest of the dlc, too!

  • Here’s some sample gameplay post-patch;

  • Collider

    Been playing this nonstop for the last couple weeks, can’t wait to see if there’s any difference.

  • scwiffy

    Great news! I STILL keep coming back to this game to play as other characters, that and the f huge amount of content and addictive levelling system.

    I pray that they also fixed the DLC map bug too.

    This is just another reason to dive back in.

  • Miguel Oliveira

    After playing around in santuary (worst perf place) the framerate now its stable, theres still some screan tear if looking too fast and some random hicup now and then, but indeed its much more playable

  • Steve Jaworski

    I gave it a run today and can say the mission tablet screen or whatever you call it (where you check out your perks, weapons etc) now swaps between each tab 90% quicker than it used to.

    Played about 20 minutes and gameplay is far less choppy than it used to be. One hell of an update!

  • The 77MB memory boost helps with texture loading, but doesn’t improve much else in a meaningful way. Running around Sanctuary is still an unpleasant experience, marred by plenty of screen tearing and a framerate that rarely reaches as high as 20.

  • Charlton Hestons

    1.06 or 1.08?

  • Ichigo Yoite

    I’m getting closer to actually buying this…

  • Steve Jaworski

    Cheers for that Kyle. Sadly, Zer0’s special ability (Deception is it?) makes enemies near him invisible which makes the power kinda useless when trying to use perks that make use of attacking duped characters for mega damage.

    It is great to see Iron Galaxy are still working on this game after they said support was done and dusted. Let’s hope they iron out the Zer0 issue.

  • EDDIE H.

    awesome now I can enjoy the game more