Last week, Compile Heart gave us a look at the Guardians that will be assisting our heroines in the upcoming dungeon crawler, Death Under the Labyrinth. This week a new video shows us exactly what that dungeon crawling will actually look like.

The first person view will come along with some features like the “Auto-Turn” that automatically turns corners around for you, and a “Dash” that can be used to speed things up if you want to pick up the pace.

The December 17th release date for Death Under the Labyrinth is crawling ever closer for Japan, but let’s hope these girls can find their ways over to us in the West.

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks cool.

  • eddie716

    looks horrible. what’s with these dungeon crawlers nowadays!!? they suck.

  • alterku

    Only 3 characters at once, hm? Still seems fine, though the turning speed, or rather the reaction time between seemingly wanting to turn and finally turning could be problematic. Wonder how they’ll maintain a steady challenge without making it too easy or too hard with only 3 party members at a time.