It’s that time once again Vita gamers; we’re back to announce the November line-up of PlayStation Plus titles for the Western regions.

We’d like to remind you that Europe and North America are now getting their Plus titles on the same day of the week – the first Tuesday of the new month – and that you’ll be able to get this month’s haul on the 3rd.

Dragon Fin Soup


A roguelike RPG about a young girl named Robin who lost her memory a year ago, we journey with her as she rediscovers herself and the world around her. In the process, she learns more about her bloody past, the mysteries of Asura (the space turtle the game’s set on), and even a twisted tale of betrayal and murder.

Invizimals (PSP)

Note; This is a PSP game which works on Vita, not a native Vita title.

Invizimals PSP

inviZimals turns your PSP/PSVita into a virtual creature hunter that lets you hunt and capture the monsters living in the world around you. Follow the clues as you track them around the world. After they’re captured, battle your inviZimals against your friends or train them to become stronger. (via the PlayStation website)

This Vita title and Vita-compatible PSP title can be yours, for the low price of a PlayStation Plus subscription. That subscription will net you great deals on digital titles as well, especially if you pay attention to the weekly deals on the PlayStation Network.

If you don’t already have one, I suggest grabbing a year sub; both for the cost to coverage benefits as well as the fact that you’re not going to want it to run out on you. 😉

  • Lester Paredes

    Oh boy! Dragon Fin Soup! Been looking forward to that game. Nice to know I won’t have to spend any money on it. As for Invizimals, I boight it when it first released on vita… when it works, it’s fun. Most of the time though, it crashed and the AR stuff is pretty finnicky. Yay? Perhaps?

    • Buckybuckster

      Yeah, I’ve eagerly awaiting it ever since viewing the first trailer. The developers have experiencing some bad press ‘tho. Backers who donated to the game’s development on Kickstarter are none too happy that it’s a “free” plus game. The NA PS Blog community has really been raking them over the coals. As far as Invisimals goes, once again I’m truly baffled by one of Sony’s decisions. The PSP game instead of one of the Vita games? I guess they feel they haven’t driven the knife in far enough.

      • Lester Paredes

        Those people need to understand that they are getting what they paid for. Just because Sony approached them and said: .We’ll give you this much money to provide our PSPlus members this game as a free subscription perk for a month.’ doesn’t mean they should get angry. I don’t understand that sort of mentality. People who invested in the game are only due what they were promised as a backer reward, nothing more, nothing less. Their anger is misguided.

        • DMSpider

          And if they hadn’t have backed it they wouldn’t be getting a copy at all, and nor would we.

          • Lester Paredes

            Exactly. Thise developers did what they needed to do to get funding to complete and release their game. I for one, am happy it’s here. And if it ever gets a Limited Run Games release, I’ll buy it again just to give them my money. Well, provided it’s good, of course.

  • Ali Johnson

    very poor line up especially that i dont like neither rpg rogue like nor games without trophies so there is nothing for me this month 🙁

  • DMSpider

    Really looking forward to Dragon Fin Soup! 🙂 Invizimals; not so much, but I’ll give it a go. Not overly impressed with this month’s offerings across all three systems.