Nihon Falcom has just released a demo for Tokyo Xanadu on the Japanese PSN, and if you’re any sort of Action/RPG fan I’d suggest you try it out.

Clocking in at a small (but mighty) 213MB, this is actually the same demo that was available for attendees to play at the Tokyo Game Show. It features four levels of difficulty, three sets of party members to choose from, and a single area to play through with a boss at the end to battle.

Need a taste of demo gameplay to entice you? We can help you there.

Tokyo Xanadu is already available in Japan, having launched on September 30th. As this post states, you can now grab a demo for the title via the Japanese PSN (or here on the webstore) if you’re on the fence about it.

  • Chizu

    I hope Xseed announce they are localizing this. Love Falcom. Though I figure Trails of Cold Steel II would take priority right now.