Square Enix has released more information about some of the features in their upcoming game Dragon Quest Builders.

The evil Dragonlord from the original Dragon Quest game has destroyed the kingdom of Alefgard and you are on a valiant quest to try to rebuild the world one town at a time.

The town is where you’ll construct buildings and in doing so will gain experience enabling you to level up. Leveling up lets you learn new recipes which can help with the town’s development.

You can also learn new recipes by talking to villagers. For all those completionists out there you’ll be happy to hear that exploring the world is essential for finding all recipes.


There are stranded villagers all across the world and it’s up to you to go out and rescue them. Villagers will give you quests which are worth your while to complete as doing so will grant you various rewards. Rescuing villagers and developing the town means that it will be better protected as the villagers will fight off any monsters which dare to attack the town.


Much like in Terraria you construct buildings by placing enclosed walls, doors and providing lighting. All of this will grant you experience but if you spend a little bit more effort on placing different items in the interior of your buildings you will be rewarded with varying levels of experience so it’s worth experimenting with the different items that you create. Once your camp gauge has been filled you will level up.

Dragon Quest Builders is set to release January 28th in Japan. No news yet on a Western release but we’re all hoping it’s released over here too. Let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to this as well!