The Vita Cast hits one hundred (100!) episodes today, and in celebration we’re doing a special livestream episode – sans news, but still filled with Vita goodness – at 1pm Pacific!

That’s right folks, if you’ve ever wanted to hear us podcast some PlayStation Vita goodness live… you’re in luck! Today at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern, 9pm GMT) we’ll be streaming our 100th podcast via, featuring a very special lineup of topics and no reading of news!

If you miss the stream however, we’ll be releasing it as usual (via all the regular methods) shortly after the stream ends.


The stream is now over, listen to the replay here;


Watch it over again here;

Thank you to those who joined in and watched live!

Oh, and as a bonus for those tuning in – we’ll be releasing our November PlayStation Vita release preview video direct to listeners at the end of the stream. 😉

Hope to see you in the Twitch chat!

  • Maxy

    ah, dayum, I missed it.

    • No you didn’t, it’s in 90 minutes. ^_^

      • Maxy

        huh, looks like I’ve mistaken the timelines. I’ll be back then!

  • Why Twitch and not Hitbox? Just curious =3

    P.S. If this works out well, should we expect every episode livestreamed from here on out?

    • Because we don’t have a hitbox account already, and tbh I haven’t even heard of it. As for livestreaming all future episodes… unlikely, but possible.

      • Twitch is the service that prevents streamers from streaming Senran Kagura games, and Hitbox is the service that do let streamers stream the SK games. But yeah Twitch is definitely the more well known one

  • Hey can one of you keep a page open with the Muv-Luv kickstarter during the stream? Its in the last 48 hours and is already at $995,000. Wouldn’t it be glorious to see it hit a million bucks during the show?