Release of Vita port could be sooner than we think, and it’s getting a retail release!

Those of you that have been waiting patiently for the Vita version of Teslagrad might not have that much longer to wait as Norwegian developer Rain Games confirmed that the handheld version has passed certification in both NA and EU regions via this tweet.

The game, which has apparently been download over a million times on other platforms will also be getting a retail release, and Rain Games are hoping that they’ll be able to confirm the dates very soon.

If you haven’t heard of Teslagrad, the game is a puzzle platformer at heart which is presented as an “adventure game with a solid and very characteristic mood and atmosphere”, and will test your platforming skills to the limit. The puzzles are based around electricity and magnetism, which probably explains a little of the game’s title and you’ll be playing across 100 hand drawn levels!

We had an interview with Rain Games a little while ago about the game, so to find out more you can have a read by clicking here.

Whilst we wait for Rain to tell us when the game is coming out, why not feast your eyes on these screenshots, all of which are from the Vita version!

Are you waiting for Teslagrad?

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  • Guilherme Miranda

    It’s gonna be cross-buy?

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    If htoL#NiQ and Steamworld could have a child, it’d be this game. Hopefully without the touchscreen-only gameplay. Gonna get this when released for sure.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    retail release? Sold!

  • Devin Hudson

    I’ve been interested in this game since I first heard about it, so I’m glad the Vita version is finally coming out soon. I’m definitely going to pick up the retail version.

  • Lester Paredes

    Yes! Will be looking for it’s physical release.