If you’ve been waiting to bring a little color to your Vita collection, then you’re in luck. GameStop is now exclusively selling the Aqua Blue PlayStation Vita in the United States, but good luck finding one.

While GameStop lists the console on their website for purchase, it would appear that retail stores are not yet getting any stock. That’s assuming that they’re ever going to get any at all. As for right now, there is not a single store within a 100 mile radius of me that has one in stock. But then again, I don’t live in a major metropolitan city.

However, it seems like there are few stores anywhere around the country that actually have the devices for sale. New York City has zero stores with available units. San Fransisco has zero stores with any available units. Chicago, the city of big shoulders, has one store with “low stock” currently listed.

So if you’re interested in picking up a brand new PS Vita with a beautiful aqua blue hue to it, then it looks like you’ll have to order it off the GameStop website.

Blue PS Vita

When Sony said it would be a limited run, they really weren’t kidding.

If you manage to find one in an actual store, or have decided to pick one up off the website, please let us know.

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  • KaL-V3

    I’m IN NYC…nothing available within 100 miles. LoL

  • It looks cool

  • bss

    Preordered it when it was first announced, mine’s currently on a truck.