There was a ton of new details revealed for the upcoming Bandai Namco game, Digimon World: Next Order including screenshots, new characters, story details and new information on the battle system.

The story details Bandai Namco released give us the background of what’s been happening in the DigitalWorld, along with a short story synopsis.

Prologue: It’s been a long time… your heart flutters in your chest as you start up the Digivice. In an instant, your entire body is covered in a pure white light. When you wake up, you’re in a mysterious world with no entrance or exit. Shattering your confusion, an unknown threat attacks. And your dear partners come rushing to your dilemma. The bonds that were almost broken are connected, and a path is formed. It’s the last summer vacation of high school. From a miraculous light, the gate to a new adventure opens.

Main Story: After the protagonist wanders into the Digital World, he is attacked by Mugendramon. Somehow able to escape just in time, he encounters Jijimon and witnesses the disastrous state of the starting town, which was repeatedly attacked by Mugendramon. Unable to find a way home, the hero decides to help rebuild the town. He soon meets Himari and Kouta.

One of our main characters is Himari Obuchi and Rikka:

And the elder of a town, Jijimon:
Battle Details:
Battles have become more advanced in terms of strategy, exhilaration, and speed. A new feature being called “cheering” encourages your Digimon, making you more powerful. Additionally a Two Partner system allows players to adventure with two Digimon, who fight along side one another in battle.
Below are some screenshots and descriptions of how the battle system is executed.
A look at what encountering an opponent will be like:
Your Digimon can perform actions while partner Digimon think:
Cheering on Digimon is a newly revealed tactic. While engaged in battle you can press the circle button and watch as you’re encouragement will power-up a particular Digimon’s attack.
The attack is a lot more powerful as shown below.
Look for Digimon World: Next Order to hit the PS Vita in 2016 for Japan.


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