The upcoming third person, action game Attack on Titan, being developed by Koei Tecmo, looks like it’ll be a strong addition to the already popular manga and anime franchise. Today Koei Tecmo released new screenshots and also gave us some information on how the battle systems will work in the latest issue of Famitsu. 

There was some great gameplay footage shown a month ago that featured the 3D maneuver gear and how combat will look in-game. Our very own Kyle Wakeling broke that story and you can view the original video by clicking here.

The newest details tell us that every time the 3D maneuver gear is used, the gas used to fuel it, will deplete over time. It will then be necessary to periodically refill your empty tanks if you want to continue slicing the napes of the Titans. However every time you engage in combat and use your blades, the sharpness of them will diminish over time. Luckily, Koei Tecmo also revealed that there will be original weapons that have not been seen in the Attack on Titan so you won’t be constantly worrying about maintaining your blades.


That news comes alongside some great news for the Japanese market. A limited edition Attack on Titan “Treasure Pack” will also be available alongside the standard edition at launch in Japan only. The “Treasure Pack” will cost 12,800 yen ($105 USD) and include some exclusive merchandise;

  • An “Official Investigation Record Collection” soundtrack.
  • A muffler towel also known as a scarf.
  • Two sets of Eren, Mikasa, and Levi tin badges.
  • A download code for exclusive costumes.

And if you were wondering which characters from the manga and anime would be in the game, Famitsu also confirmed that Krista Lenz, Bertolt Hoover, Reiner Braunm and Annie Leonhardt will not only appear, but they’ll also be playable characters.

I had a few butterflies of excitement hit me as I was writing this as the game looks great and these new details are leading me to think this will end up being one of the PS Vita’s biggest games next year. Attack on Titan hits shelves this winter in Japan for the PS Vita, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3. North America and Europe will have to wait until next year when announcement is made about it’s release date.

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