SkullGirls noticeable PS Vita absence explained in a recent Q&A.

Back in July, SkullGirls 2nd Encore was released on PS4, with developer Lab Zero Games remaining noticeably silent on the Vita port. That was until a few days ago, when they took to reddit to conduct an AMA. One redditor asked what the latest was on the portable version of the game, and Lab Zero Games designer Earl Gertwagen explained that:

Skullgirls 2nd Encore for Vita is still undergoing optimisation, and there are a number of bugs to take care of that, while somewhat small, we feel are unacceptable to ship with. We want it to be on par with other fighting game releases for that platform, and it’s unfortunately not there yet.

We had originally projected it would be ready to ship a few weeks after the PS4 version’s release, but we ran into walls trying to bring optimization up to par, and grossly underestimated how much work that would require.

This moved us into a timeframe where we had to start implementing features for the upcoming release of the Japanese version, which has further contributed to the delay.

It seems that developers constantly underestimate resources needed to port games to PS Vita. This update does at least squash any doubts we had on the fate of the port. Now we just await a release date. Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest on SkullGirls 2nd Encore.

  • Giant_Z

    Another delay for a PS Vita port =(

  • Yoyitsu

    At least Lab Zero is sticking to what they promised and are working hard to bring this wonderful game to us. Unlike many recent examples where the ports were dropped at the first hurdle (I’m exaggerating).

  • pkmaximum

    Not a fan of the fighting game genre a whole besides Smash Bros. but it’s really great to see developers having open communication with their fans.

  • After learning of Lab Zero’s recent change of views, I think I’ll be passing on this title. A developer that becomes ashamed of their own product, and plans patches to censor a game that has already been released, doesn’t seem like a developer worth supporting: