Latest video showcases tense moments in Stein;Gate sequel.

We are almost exactly a month away from Stein;Gate 0’s Japanese release, and ahead of the launch developer 5pb have treated us to a new gameplay trailer titled ‘Sealed Kyouma Hououin’. The video shows some intense moments from the game, but be warned, it does contain major spoilers. You have been warned…

Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest on Steins;Gate 0. Whilst you wait patiently for its release, why not read our glowing review of the original Steins;Gate.

  • scwiffy

    I dint know anything about this. I’m still to play the forst one. Is this a sequal?? I’ll have to bump up the original to the top of my list if so

    • AeroQC .

      It is a direct sequel happening shortly after the True Ending of Steins;Gate.

  • Ichigo Yoite

    Exciting! I really really really hope this reaches the west. I’m already working on a pile of money to throw so I can get is ASAP!