NIS America has confirmed that they’ll be bringing Stranger of Sword City to the west in March 2016, with North American and European release dates confirmed.

The Dungeon RPG, which is developed by Demon Gaze developers Experience is said to have more of a western feel to it with themes of dark fantasy and online Leaderboards.

The story sees you as the sole survivor of a plane crash waking up in an unfamiliar land, you soon learn that this land is called Escario, the city of swords. The locals are quick to dub you as the chosen one, and you are tasked with defending the town.

Whereas past Experience developed games have more of a comedy feel to them, Stranger of Sword City has more of a serious and adult feel to it, adopting more hardcore RPG elements including Perma-death.

NIS America has also provided a teaser trailer, which you can check out below;

The game is set to launch in North America on March 22nd and in Europe on March 25th in both Physical and Digital Formats. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be picking this one up.

  • jingz

    Great news.

  • Lester Paredes


  • Cousin Jeffrey

    Cant wait for this!

  • Luthee

    Tsurugi no Machi no Ihoujin (Stranger of Sword City) coming to EU and relatively soon ! Either I or my brother are going to get this for sure !
    We like dungeon crawl – type games quite a lot /especially/ on the vita. (Etrian Odyssey on DS/3DS is also a series we dig, even though I find Nintendo’s recent portable consoles uncomfortable to hold…)