Gameplay footage showcased in Japanese trailer.

After months of teasing, at the end of last month 2K Games announced that Civilization Revolution 2 Plus would be heading exclusively to PS Vita. The developer has now released a trailer for the Vita version of the game and although in Japanese, you can get a feel for how the game will look on everyones favourite handheld.

Civilization Revolution 2 Plus has been designed specifically for the PS Vita and consoles. Fans of the original game, released on iOS and Android last year, will be instantly familiar with the set up.

The game allows you to build up a civilisation from scratch, from the dawn of time to the space age. You’ll attempt to out do some of the greatest leaders from world history as you decide whether to be a feared warlord or a skilled diplomat with your competitors.

Included in this updated version will be key figures from Japanese history. The additional Japanese leaders will include Oda Nobunaga, Heihachiro Togo, and Himiko. Nobunaga will give players a bonus during the medival era and with samurai. Togo provides bonuses in naval combat, and Himiko gives bonuses in diplomatic and government related matters

Civilization Revolution 2 Plus is set to release on December 3rd in the west. Are you excited for this new turn-based strategy games release on Vita? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    The only physical release of this is the Japanese or Asian versions. Both of which have English subtitles