Learn how to command your troops in The Castle.

Samurai Warriors 4 is the latest game in the series to receive an Empires mode and Koei Tecmo have released details regarding the games biggest addition, The Castle.

To put it simply, The Castle will give players a command centre were they can strategically plan how to tackle each battle. The series has previously been known for its tactical gameplay, but now putting your strategic know how to good use will be vital. It will be an important feature in the game, as it gives the player the ability to regulate interior and foreign affairs, formulate political and military strategy and utilise their allied officers skills. This will lead to the growth of their army’s number, power and loyalty.

The interface for The Castle will take the shape of a multi-tiered stronghold, in which you can see all your most trusted allied officers. From here, you can assign each officer different tasks. These can range from recruitment to diplomacy and from development to strategy. Players will have to choose carefully who they pick for each task, to ensure that the best outcome is achieved. The more skilled the officer, the better the results, meaning more soldiers, allies and gold.


Relationships are a key feature of Empire games in the series, so pairing allied officers with a friendly disposition will create high synergy, thus producing faster and better results. It is important to remember that all the characters in Samurai Warriors 4 are based on real historical figures who have real personalties, so assigning them to the appropriate positions will generate unique suggestions and trigger unique events.

Of course The Castle is also a key way to prepare for battle. Different people will assist you with your decision making.

  • The Military Magistrate will analyse a situation and will make proposals to aid in battle.
  • Foreign Affairs Magistrates will suggest alliances and diplomatic interventions.
  • Strategists will provide players with ideas for sabotaging and weakening the enemy.

With all these pieces of guidances and advice, the player can decide how to tackle, and what to take into a battle.

Samurai Warriors 4: Empires will release digitally in Europe on March 11th 2016, with the North American release following four days later on March 15th.

  • Lester Paredes

    I hate that it’s digital only. But it sounds like it’ll have some nice strategy elements to it. I’m so torn! Too many musou games! Not enough memory card space.