A demo for Marvelous’ adventure game about exposing the lies of others has just been released on the Japanese PSN.

Clocking in at ~820MB, downloading the Japanese Net High demo will give you a useful taste of gameplay – with save data able to be transferred over to the full game once it becomes available.

Speaking of which, downloading the demo will also net you a discount on the full game (slashing 500 yen off the price) when it launches on November 26th – so if you plan to get it digital, there’s no reason not to try the demo… right?

Need another reason to check it out? Here’s the game’s recently released introduction trailer to give you a better idea of what you’d be getting yourself into;

  • jingz

    Please come to the west. It’s look really coooooooool!!!!!

  • Joep

    I’ve seen a lot of reasons not to want to pick this up… Exept for the punkrocksong at the end of this trailer. Someone who know which band it is?