Back in June this year KOEI Tecmo annouced a remake of their dating sim title, Angelique, would be coming to  the PlayStation Vita and the PSP later this year as Angelique Retour.

KOEI has just released a new trailer:

Check out this news article by Will Hernandez for more details on some of the characters in the game.

20150622_033421Gerard is the elder twin brother of Silvan. He’s frequently confused for a girl because of his feminine look, but that doesn’t stop him from being bright and cheery.


Silvan is the younger twin brother of Gerard. He’s the butler for the queen candidate, is earnest, focused and can take on responsibility.

Angelique Retour is due for release in Japan on December 17th 2015. Keep checking back to TVL for more information!

  • The PSP still got it!

  • Karl Smith

    10 years and the PSP is still alive? Jeez.