If you’re looking for an arcade style shooter, then you might be in luck very soon – as Degica are bringing a great one our way.

Degica has announced that they’ll be bringing over Taito’s original wide-screen shooter for us to enjoy here in the West – with their 1-player, cross-save, and trophy-sharing PlayStation Vita version included among the migrants.

Here are the features of the game, outlined in the press release;

  • Brand-new story mode with hundreds of stages covering DARIUS history
  • 3000+ stages unlockable by global players in AC Chronicle mode
  • 9 playable ships to choose from including classic Silver Hawk variants, a new CS-exclusive ship, and gameplay-changing Burst modes
  • Branching stages where you choose your own path and challenge level
  • Over 40 enormous, robotic sea-monster battleships (including new CS-exclusive bosses)
  • Haunting and memorable Zuntata soundtrack from classic tracks to new compositions
  • From huge arcade machine to your Steam, PS4, and Vita systems

Are you ready to blast some aliens in Chronicle Saviours?

Well good news folks, as the wait isn’t very long at all; DariusBurst: Chronicle Saviours is due out November 30th on PlayStation Vita.

For more information on the game, check out the official website or our previous posts.

  • Buckybuckster

    Dissapointed no physical for Vita in the west but surprised and happy we are getting it at all. And so soon after the initial announcement as well. 3000+ levels! Seems I will be spending alot of time shooting mechanical alien space fish!

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    Ive preordered the Japanese physical version!

  • Richard Savings

    I think I know the answer but is this coming to Europe and UK?

  • leingod

    Woh, great news! I had no idea there was a modern Darius game, let alone coming to the Vita. And so soon! I am positively thrilled. And that number of stages? God.