The latest issue of Famitsu has listed new details on Project Diva X.

The latest instalment in the Hatsune Miku series is set to release in March 2016 in Japan, and ahead of the release further details have been released regarding songs and modules you’ll tackle in game.

The latest annoucement revealed that the following will be included:

“Umiyuri Kaiteitan” (n-buna)
Module (Hatsune Miku): “Sea Lily”

“Streaming Heart” (DECO*27)
Module (Hatsune Miku): “Bandage Heart”

“Amazing Dolce” (Hitoshizuku x Yama)
Module (Meiko): “Strawberry Witch”
Module (Kagamine Rin): “Patisserie Gretel”
Module (Kagamine Ren): “Patisserie Hansel” (Suzunosuke)

“Slow Motion” (Pinocchio-P)
Module (Hatsune Miku): “High Fever” (Pinocchio-P)

If you are able to clear quests and complete every song, a medley song will become playable. Conveniently, a new medley song was also announced, which will be a “Neutral” song. It will be called ‘Hajimari no Medley: Primary Colors’ (oster project) and will feature “Koisuru Voc@loid,” “Dreaming Leaf -Yumemiru Kotonoha-,” “Fukigen Waltz,” and “Miracle Paint.”

Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest news on Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X, as we head ever nearer to the games March PS Vita and Autumn 2016 PS4 release in Japan.