The latest issue of V Jump magazine has revealed new details about Next Order – including information on a new Digimon, a new NPC, and a new system.

Digimon-World-Next-Order-Scan_11-19-15First up we take a look at the Kenji Watanabe designed “Black Knight,” which is dubbed the enforcer. This Digimon is similar in design to Omnimon Zwart, and is mostly shrouded in mystery.

Next up, we get information on a character with an unknown name – who wears a knitted hat and carries a Digi-Egg. The protagonist will meet this character on their journey, and oddly enough he kind of looks like the protagonist of the original Digimon World.

Lastly, we get a bit of new information regarding the game’s EXE-Volution system. This unique new addition allows your two partner Digimon to both revive and evolve; giving you some extra power in a tough situation.

Digimon World: Next Order is due out in Japan sometime next year – with no word yet on a Western localization.