Joetsu Electronics has announced that they’ll be bringing a PCH-1000 (OLED) model L2/R2 button accessory to the market this Winter.

Already available for the PCH-2000 (Slim) Vita, Joetsu Electronics has announced that their L2/R2 button mounted grip cover will be making the jump the to original Vita as well…with a few improvements.

They’ve changed the way that the grip fits to the Vita system, having it close from the top instead of the previous “fixed by fingers” system (likely in order to be less obtrusive). They’ve also obviously changed the cradle fit of the grip, making it more conformed to the original Vita model than the slim so that it fits properly

Good for remote play, classics, and any situation where you need some real buttons (and are able to assign them) this grip is currently set to go on sale in Japan sometime during “Winter 2015.”

Looks like you guys took Brad’s advice, huh?

  • As an owner of the old vita I want this

    • Lester Paredes

      I have the slim version, and the grip they made for that model works great.

  • Lester Paredes

    As an owner of the new vita, with the slim version of this device, I want the specific improvement of how it snaps on. I’ve already busted two of those ‘fingers’ on mine, trying to take it off. It still works perfectly, but man… fifty bucks to import this and I had it less than a year. They made it grip the vita… a bit too good.

  • Devin Hudson

    This was never really on my radar before since it only worked with newer models, but now that they’re making this version I’ll probably look into it.

  • Steve Jaworski

    I was really hoping they’d release a model for the 1000. Guess the Twitter explosion really showed them demand. This is fantastic news!

  • DMSpider

    Would really like one of these, any chance of a “western release” to save on the shipping?

  • Buckybuckster

    Nice to see this made available for 1000 owners. I like how that even with the device attached, it still remains very portable. Makes you wonder why Sony couldn’t have L2/R2 buttons as part of the Vita’s native design in the first place.

  • Danny Boy

    nah I have a Dream Gear silicone case and xbox one analog caps ( vita is cool but super uncomfortable with out the xbox one analog caps or case ) for my vita stick I will pass

    • Mark Bosco

      you could just put the caps back on after the case…

      • Danny Boy

        I Could I Guess .. But The Case i have has like handle’s and a soft Rubber Feel .. & HANDLES !! ( thank god ) My Vita Was A Nitemare to play for long periods before …. but with the handles its very easy to use L2 R2 .. Im Happy That Thing Might Be Cool But will feel very plastic … ..

  • AndreasStalin

    Really cool. Will get.

  • I want this but a lot of developers are making custom controls for remote play on the vita now. Some of those custom controls you cant change either.

  • Danny Boy

    for $30 buck you can upgrade you vita much nicer ( xbox analog sticks make it so much nicer to play for long periods ! ) …. original Vita OLED !

  • Christopher Hill

    Fantastic news! Can’t wait 😀