Experience’s unique dungeon crawler Ray Gigant is officially coming West this Spring; to both North America and Europe.

Announced via press release just moments ago, it seems that Acttil (who recently had a hand in bringing SUPERBEAT: XONiC Westward) are bringing over Experience’s dungeon crawling RPG with multiple perspectives – Ray Gigant – next Spring.

But what is Ray Gigant?

Well, it’s a game that presents to you from multiple perspectives – positing you to tie them into a nice bow… both in the game, and in your head. You’ll have to deal with three intertwining stories, three different characters, and  three different boss battle perspectives – using them to push through the scourge that is the Gigants and come out alive and on top.

Here’s what the press release says about the story;

This adventure is set in the near future… 

Earth’s major cities have been ravaged by giant, terrifying creatures known as Gigants. Across the globe, military forces from every nation attempted to counter the attacks but, to their horror, failed miserably. In a twist of fate, it was reported that a boy named Ichiya Amakaze defeated a Gigant. 

The boy defeated the Gigants using a mysterious power called the Yorigami. This victory was short-lived, however. Ichiya lost control of his power and tragically destroyed the city he tried so hard to protect. After this fateful experience, he fell unconscious. Ichiya was then detained and sent to a safe location where his fate would soon unfold…

Okay, so what are the Gigants?

Gigants are mysterious, alien life-forms that have invaded Earth. Gigants of various shapes and sizes have been discovered, and they generally take upon forms of beasts from legend. However, unlike those mythical beasts, Gigants do not harbor a brilliant, celestial aura. Whatever aura they do possess is something much more vile…

How about the game’s key features (also listed in the press release);

  • Guided by Fate! – Play through three different points of view to uncover the
    mystery behind what’s happened in this world. Players must battle against
    Gigants and a myriad of other characters.
  • Keep Your Eyes Open! – Fight skyscraper-sized bosses in battles with 3-Way
    views! For special boss battles, each of the characters will utilize their special
    abilities! Varying from close to long range on the field, strategically plan
    attacks from each characters’ position!
  • Slash Beat Mode! – The rhythm-based battle action system, Slash Beat Mode,
    allows characters to unleash their hidden power of transformation by offering
    their body to their Yorigamis. If timed correctly with the rhythm-based
    commands, the enemy will receive a tremendous amount of damage.
  • Evolve Tree System! – Level up your characters’ stats with the Evolve Tree
    System! Master all three branches of the tree (Physical, Command, Item) to
    bring your character to new heights!

That’s not all however; the game will also be PlayStation TV compatible, digital only, and will feature English subtitles with a Japanese voice-over.

Speaking of Japanese, here’s some screenshots from the Japanese version of the game to give you an idea of what to expect;

Oh, and some key art – ’cause we know you guys love it. 😉

Ray Gigant is due out in the West in the Spring of 2016.

Are you excited?

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  • Phelan

    Those who would actualy prefer for this game to be released properly with retail release please contact publisher:


    • Cousin Jeffrey

      Everyone please email them!!!!

  • Esskaden

    That’s pretty stellar news. It peeked my interest when you first talked about it on the site. and the fact its actually coming west make it okay to be excited. Though I’ve never played a Dungeon crawler, aesthetically the games got me, so I’ll have to try it out! any word if the’ll be a demo? if i’m not mistaken there was a one in japan

  • Lester Paredes


  • Oh No! Not another digital only title 🙁

    • Buckybuckster

      Limited Run games stated they are very interested in doing a physical version if they can work something out so there is a glimmer of hope. I really hope that all parties involved are receptive to the idea!

  • Giant_Z

    The attack of characters is not animated!
    that’s disappointed!
    I was interesting about this game.

  • Alex Jones

    OK I just Exploded.

    This game is one of my most anticipated Vita game alongside Odin Sphere Leifthrasir and Exist Archive <3

    2016, come to me…