Story elements, gameplay and battle systems all showcased in latest trailer.

The latest trailer for Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky is a meaty affair that give us a greater look at how the game will play. The trailer starts with a look at the massive Tokyo explosion, which the game is based around. This of course leads to the death of 12 youths, who then obtain immortality.

We also see exploration of Protrexa, as well as the use of the “Active Chain Battle” system, where each button controls a different party member and the “Attack Rotation” system which allows you to strategise better.

There is also a showcase of the “Demons Greed” ability, which allows players to pull off powerful moves. The trailer finishes with a look at the games battle system and how different classes get to use different weapons.

Exist Archive is set to release on December 17th in Japan.

  • Esskaden

    Oooooo la laaaa. Shaped up to look really solid!

  • Alex Jones

    The Cuteness is Sodalicious!

  • Buckybuckster

    I must have this!