My “A Complete List of PlayStation Vita Games” post on the forum just got a whole lot more useful and accessible by transitioning to a brand new page with a sortable table.

If you’ve been a PlayStation Vita fan for more than a moment you’ve probably wondered to yourself “what games are actually out there?” – especially since there’s an abundance of “Vita has no games” reporting all over the internet (though to be honest, it has died down a bit lately).

If you’ve been lucky you might’ve stumbled across a list or two on the internet – maybe even my A Complete List of PlayStation Vita Games post on the forum – but even that isn’t the greatest resource (especially at a glance).

I’m about to fix that for you.

Today, we unveil our (very much work in progress) Released PlayStation Vita Games page. It contains over 800 releases across the three major regions, and has been triple checked (or more depending on how far you go back) for accuracy. I would say that this list is 95% accurate, or on the Western side of things even better than that. I’m not perfect, and neither is this list – but it’s better than anything else out there. 😉

Without further adieu, here’s the page;

You should bookmark it as I’ll be doing my best to update it by Thursday each week, and it’s much more accurate than any other list I’ve seen. It doesn’t have the PlayStation TV compatibility column filled in yet, but I’m working on integrating these two lists as we speak. The PlayStation TV compatibility bits have now been integrated into the list as well, so there’s that too! 😉

PS; speaking of lists – I’ll be back with a separate list page for coming releases very soon. 😉

  • Nice work! A great resource for us thanks to your tireless work. 🙂

  • ruefrak

    Is the PlayStation TV column going to be updated?

    • It’s being updated right now, I just wanted to do a complete transfer before I post it.

  • Great job as always! 😀

  • tfjunk

    This is cool. I would be interested in a column that is something like “Digital Only?” or “Physical Release?”. Helpful when shopping.

    • That’s a lot to keep track of as it’s another layer for each region (some games are only available physically in certain areas). I don’t really have the time for that at the moment, but we’ll certainly consider putting together a chart for that in the future if I/we get time (or if someone else wants to curate).

  • Juner

    Very sexy Kyle! XD

    I love it! 😉

  • giancian

    Please please plase add an “Install size” column! This is one of the most important facts that the PS Store on the Vita doesn’t show you, and you need to know if the game fits on your free space!

  • Rex-chan

    I’m not trying to be overly negative, but it looks a bit of a mess with two name columns – maybe it would look better to just use one name (maybe a hover to bring up the Japanese name) or have separate lists of all Western Vita games and a separate one for Japanese releases or Japanese-only games?

    The M/D/Y date format isn’t used outside the US, so it might be more accessible for other regions to use the word of the month rather than the number.

    If you could add extra info to the games like genre, review score, developers, physical/digital, install size, etc it could really be a useful resourse.

    • Your criticisms are fair, however there’s a reason it’s done like it is.

      1. It’s all supposed to fit on one screen horizontally.
      2. M/D/Y is used so that you can use the sort by date function (writing the month name doesn’t work with the table systems we’ve got access to)
      3. Japanese and English names are shown so they can be looked up easily.

      There may be other pages/tables with that extra information in the future, but it won’t likely be in this one.

  • Ver JJ

    I will like to ask will or when will Date a Live twin edition be available in PSN US?

    • It hasn’t even been announced yet, so it’s unlikely a date is forthcoming.

      • Ver JJ

        That is a really sad news for me but thank you for you reply.

  • DMSpider

    Great list. 🙂 Any chance you could link in the games’ reviews?

  • Wally Franz

    Great List! Thanks for your efforts, its really appreciated!

  • Danny Boy

    800 Games !? I Have About 40 Games ..& S0 Far Not Much Else Really Interests Me … But Still The 40 i Do have .. Are All Classic’s in My Eyes Only Really Looking Forward To Attack On Titan & Dragon Quest .. getting very tempted on PsTv To stream My Ps4 Too!!!! Fallout 4 Seems worth The $30 bucks.. Just To see it On My VITA ..

  • Blueberry

    Good work! This will be a great resource for keeping track of Vita releases.

  • jay m

    Are all of the games on the list physical releases?

  • Mayyday

    Will this be editable like a wiki, or only by you? Because I have some of the more obscure games and can help with the PSTV tab. Also, what about a list of PSP games that are NOT PSTV compatible (that’s always frustrating.)

    • This is editable only by me for a few reasons;
      #1. We’ve had problems with people editing Wikipedia to defame us, so we don’t want that to happen here
      #2. I verify pretty much everything, so if it’s up on my list I can 100% say I made sure. If someone else was editing it, I couldn’t confirm it’s legit and not just some untrue garbage.

      As for me including PSP games – it’ll never happen. Someone else can make that list.