We get word of more classic Summon Night characters that will be making their way to Summon Night 6.

Back in September Charlie brought us news that Aty, Luvaid, Magna, and Hasaha would be making an appearance in Summon Night 6: Lost Borders, but now we’re here to fill in some more blanks.

These characters were confirmed in October;

  • Hayato (CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa): the hero who retains the powers of the Demon Lord.
  • Natsumi (CV: Tomoe Hanba): the inexperienced heroine.
  • Aya (CV: Yuri Shiratori): the girl who is after the truth of the world.
  • Sol Servolt (CV: Junya Enoki)
  • Claret Servolt (CV: Kaoru Sakura)
  • Cassis Servolt (CV: Megumi Toda)

While these one were recently confirmed via Jump magazine;

  • Toris (CV: Ikue Kimura)
  • Nesty Bask (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa)
  • Amer
  • Kyle
  • Kanon
  • Resi
  • Kunon

That looks like a whole lot of choices to me, so much so that you’ll be lucky if you get past the party select screen (especially if you’re a fan of the earlier games). 😉

We also get word of a new feature called “Summon Burst” in which the units stack their Summoning technique in order to bring out a whole new summon. Details are scant on that, but it sounds like a useful feature when going up against strong foes.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders is due out in Japan during the Spring of 2016.