Square Enix has released details and screenshots introducing Dragon Quest Builders second continent, Rimuldar.

There will be a number of different continents in Dragon Quest Builders each containing several regions. As you explore the different lands you’ll discover unique monsters and materials in each area.

In the first continent, Merkid, you’ll come across a number of different regions like the Grasslands, the Mountains and the Desert. The Grasslands will have monsters like Slimes, Dracky and Chimeras. In the Mountains you’ll find beasts such as Hammerhoods and She-slimes, and deep in the Desert is where you’ll find Scorpions and Bunicorns.

After bringing peace to the town, you can move forward towards the next continent, Rimuldar. You can travel between each region by using the ‘Travel Gate’.

In Rimuldar a sickness plagues the land, spread by monsters in the past. You decide to help out by assisting a nun named Elle build a hospital. Rimuldar’s only doctor is Old Doctor Gen, who might know a cure for the illness. You have to explore to find people in need of help and bring them back to town for treatment in the hospital. While in Rimuldar you’ll come across a number of different monsters such as the Scarewolf, Caterpillar, and Walking Corpses.

Dragon Quest Builders is set to release January 28th, 2016 in Japan.

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  • Danny Boy

    I Hope This isn’t a turn Based Type ..

    • Mr.BloodSeeker

      It’s not if you go to youtube and search for a gameplay video you can see how magnificent this game is. The only thing that scares is the fact that they haven’t confirmed if it’s getting a western release.

      • Danny Boy

        Aha Thanks For The Info ! Fingers Crossed For Us In The West, I’m Pretty Sure It Will, This & Attack On Titan Are The Only 2 Games Im Thinking Of Grabbing On Vita !

        • Mr.BloodSeeker

          I’m crossing fingers for a monster hunter port on the vita. I know Capcom is bound by contract for 2015 to release it only on the 3DS but 2015 is about to end. So I hope that Capcom will hear us out because I really want one on my ps vita

          • Danny Boy

            Yeah A High Res Monster Hunter Would Be NICE Indeedy !

  • Lester Paredes

    It looks awesome!

  • Ichigo Yoite

    I think this has a good chance to make it to the west. Looking forward to it!