Nick Alfieri of Digerati Distribution told Siliconera about a more specific move in Slain!‘s release window.

Back at the beginning of October, Colin informed us as to a change in the PlayStation release window from a simple “Q1 2016” to “Mid-late Q1 2016”. Now, it seems as if the Vita release date has been moved again – this time to a more specific “April.”

Here’s a quote from a talk Nick Alfieri of Digerati Distribution had with Siliconera, talking about why the release date had to move.

“The scope of Slain! has grown enormously since Andrew started working on it, alone, more than 2 and a half years ago. This extra month will give the Wolf Brew Games team time to spend polishing Slain! and making the boss fights as challenging and entertaining they deserve to be. There will be at very least seven main boss fights, with a number mini-bosses to defeat in order to progress through to each of the ‘Tower’ sections of the levels.  A ‘good’ player should be looking at a play through time of around 15 hours!”

We may not be any closer to getting Slain! in our hands, but at least we know why it was delayed – and that their schedule has become stable enough that they can give us a month instead of a quarter description for a release window.

Slain! for Vita in April, can you wait?

  • Lester Paredes

    I just hope it plays well. It looks awesome.

  • When its done it will be enjoyable, i just know it! 😀