We’ve got a ton of new screenshots and tidbits to share with you about the upcoming Attack on Titan, as well as a few gameplay videos to catch you up on!

First up we get a look at a range of characters and titans making appearances from the other media the series has been in, including Levi Ackerman, Hange Zoë, Eld Jin, Oluo Bozado, Gunther Shultz, Petra Ral, Moblit Berner, the titan that ate Ilse, and the titans Sonny and Bean.

Check them out;

Next up, we have some (very likely PS4-sourced) screenshots showing off some of the in-game areas you’ll be exploring and fighting in – the first of which we’ll be looking at being the rural areas and the ruined city.

Moving on, we take a look at some action screenshots from inside the ruined city, and outside the wall – the second location being one where you’re not likely able to use your maneuver gear due to being out in the open. It’s also outside the wall that you may find yourself on a mission to capture a titan, instead of (simply?) killing it.

We’re also getting a look at the journey outside the walls to recapture Wall Maria, which was prior to the collapse of the Trost District Wall by the Colossal Titan. The survey corps members were tasked with securing a marching route to send a battalion to the Shiganshina District (where Wall Maria was destroyed).

Screenshots below show a player in command of the Levi character who is at a supply camp outside the wall. It’s revealed that you can use this location as an armory of sorts; able to check out your gear, modify weapons and restock supplies. Of course, you can also converse with other characters – which might lead to new quests and content.

While that’s all we have for screenshots and details, we do have a bit of catch-up to play with some recently posted gameplay videos (likely PS4 sourced as well). Check out some “Action” and “Camp” footage below.



Attack on Titan releases in Japan this coming February, with a Western release to follow before the end of 2016.

  • Danny Boy

    It Keep’s Looking Good !!!

  • pkmaximum

    My guess is, depending on how smooth the combat system is in this game is what’s going to make or break it.