Festival Simulator finally arrives this week and comes with a launch trailer!

It’s seems an eternity ago that we first learned about BigFest, but finally we can reveal that you’ll be able to play it from this week!

Posting on the EU Blog, Sony XDev Associate Producer Claire Bromley not only announced the game, but revealed that it is again exclusive to the Vita.


Claire explained that since we last heard about the game the team from On The Metal have been working hard to bring the best possible BigFest experience on the Vita. At its core, BigFest is a festival simulator where you are tasked with creating music festivals, select the acts from a huge catalogue of unsigned acts and determine the order on which they appear on stage – perhaps even helping to break the next big thing!

Claire also said that along with their friends at Jamendo they will be continually updating the list of unsigned acts’ tracks to download and promote. On top of creating your own events, you will also be able to visit your friend’s show pieces and either enjoy the atmosphere or make a nuisance of yourself!

The game will be available for £7.99 and there is no word yet on what happened to the F2P mechanic, but we will bring you more information and a review as soon as we can! Have you been looking forward to BigFest?