Bad news for those of you looking to get your hands on Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus this month – the game’s official Facebook page has announced the game will now release next year.

2K Games will still bring the game to Asia this week, but for European and North American gamers the title has been pushed back until January 26th.

The post on the Civilization Facebook page reads as follows;


It is a bit of a blow that the title has been pushed back, but it does go to explain the lack of news on the title since its confirmation for the Vita back in October.

What are your views on the delay? Let us know in the comments below!

  • DCGX

    Pushed back for a physical release? Oh one can dream.

  • Yoyitsu

    So it’s coming to Asia anyway and we know the game was made in English. The only reasons I can think of for the reasoning behind this decision is that they’re either planning on having a physical release (even if it’s limited) in the west and aren’t ready or the game has a ton of bugs and they want to use Asia as their beta tester and then release it in the west with the patch installed, both options are highly unlikely.

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      The latter makes more sense. The physical release was already planned months ago, that’s why they came up with the box art when they decided to talk about the game release. On top of that, 2K never, ever had any trouble with WWE, NBA, XCOM or whatever game you come to think about. No last minute changes, BUT since this features Vita exclusive stuff, I think it’s safe to say they need someone else to beta test the game before making it available worldwide.