PlayStation’s official YouTube channel has just revealed a hype-inducing new trailer for Salt and Sanctuary – and you’re really going to want to see it.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Salt and Sanctuary, but out of the blue (as always) PlayStation has given us a stealthy little reminder that the game is coming. Oh, and did I mention it looks amazing?

Check out the new “Currents” trailer for yourself below;

Salt and Sanctuary is slated for early 2016, and we’re ridiculously excited to get our hands on this one – how about you?

  • Wert

    Yes! Glad to get some official news again on this one!
    A 2D Dark Souls-like on the Vita with a lovely art style, what could possibly be better?

  • srart

    Looks good. Ads should be placed below comments or have a link to auto scroll down to them.