Drinkbox Studios has released a new trailer for its upcoming game Severed, just in time for PlayStation Experience.

The trailer, below, gives a more in-focus look at the game’s combat, cinematics and character upgrade/skill tree.

Severed revolves around a girl named Sasha, who awakens in a new world with her arm severed off. She is given a mysterious sword by a cloaked figure, and she must use it to find her missing family. Combat is performed by swiping the Vita’s touchscreen, and the various monsters each require a different.


The game was delayed in July, and there still is no word on when Severed is launching – the trailer simply states it is “Coming Soon. A possibility is that it will be announced at PSX, where it will be available to play at Booth #2042.

  • KaL-V3

    Day One!

  • Lester Paredes

    Day one buy for me. Drinkbox has not let me down yet.
    Now, how long before this gets ported to ps4?

  • Adam Renard

    There have been moments where I have considered giving up on my Vita. I like the indies, but I am starting to feel like even those are dwindling. I quickly dismiss this thought because of Severed. Drink box is my favorite indie studio. The demo at GameStop is cool. I am really excited for this.