Kadokawa games have announced that the Photo Kano series has sold 200,000 copies in Japan across the PSP and PlayStation Vita as well as teasing that a new entry may be on its way to our beloved handheld.

The tease comes from series creator Ichiro Sugiyama, who released a statement alongside the sales figures announcement;

It’s been close to four years since its release on February 2, 2012… From Photo Kano for PSP to Photo Kano Kiss for PS Vita, I am genuinely happy that we could get the game out to so many users. And what’s next for Photo Kano…? 2016 ought to be a productive year, so I’ll keep doing my best together with Dingo. Coming soon… PlayStation Vita.

Sounds like a new title is indeed on its way and we’ll be sure to bring you more news as we get it here at the The Vita Lounge.


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