Yet another new Exist Archive trailer has appeared on Famitsu’s Japanese YouTube channel, this time introducing female character Nagi Koharu.

Yes, we’ve had quite a few of these crop up over the past few days – with Kiriya TokihisaKujo Kanata, Miwakawa Ranze, and Tsukishiro Mayura all making themselves known in trailer form. The next character on the roster however, is Nagi Koharu.

Nagi is a flame-wielding magician with a fairly normal set of armor for her body type. She apparently has a jeweled bangle as her weapon of choice – which I’m hoping is enchanted at the least.

Check her out;

Exist archive: The Other Side of the Sky is due out in Japan on December 17th.

  • Lester Paredes

    I hope this comes west. It looks pretty dang good.