The PlayStation Experience has delivered some PlayStation Vita love despite my skepticism, and one of the biggest Vita name-drops came as we learned that Tim Shafer’s Full Throttle is getting remastered for the console.

A point and click adventure game about a man named Ben, Full Throttle is getting remastered for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 – coming to us with all new artwork and higher resolution assets… updated by hand.

They also aim to restore the sound and music to a higher quality, as well as adding in new features like concept artwork, commentary tracks, and more – but it seems like the look will be their main focus in the remaster.

Not yet dated, but probably already highly anticipated – you can expect us to bring you more news on Full Throttle Remastered as soon as it becomes available.

  • I’m pretty happy with the number of Vita mentions today. The roar when the Vita was shown during that opening sizzle reel was heartening. 🙂