Following the surprise announcement of The Bit.Trip releasing during the PlayStation Experience Press Conference, Choice Provisions have taken to the PlayStation Blog to provide updates for 2 other Projects they currently have in the works.

First up is a reminder that Space Dave, the upcoming spin off to Whoa! Dave! Will be releasing soon on PlayStation Vita and is a classic arcade inspired shoot em up which will see you blasting through waves of various different area types and will include power ups for your ship so that you can become more powerful and take on the bosses.

Secondly, is more news on DriveDriveDrive, which sees players controlling different cars on different tracks at the same time, players will be able to switch between tracks at any time if the AI controlling the other tracks is doing poorly, which is something that is likely to happen a lot of the time.

Online Multiplayer and single player are confirmed for the game as well as the ability to create your own tracks and share them amongst your friends. DriveDriveDrive is set to launch on PlayStation Vita in 2016.

Choice Provisions ended the post by teasing that they still have plenty of features to announce for both of these games as well as more games to announce in the future, if any of these unannounced titles are Vita related we’ll be sure to update you.