Vita version of this upcoming mystery adventure title confirmed at PSX.

Jenny LeClue is an upcoming “handcrafted adventure” from developer Joe Russ which is said to feature “awesome gameplay, memorable characters and a unique aesthetic” and is set to release next Summer on the PS4 and we can reveal that it will also be coming to the Vita!

The Offical Twitter account posted the following tweet showing the game running on a Vita.

I asked if was simply remote playing the PS4 version or an actual Vita version, the account replied:

In Jenny LeClue you play as the titular character, a “brilliant” young detective who lives in Arthurton. Nothing happens in her boring town and it sounds like Jenny longs for adventure. As is typical in these scenarios, Jenny’s wish comes true in dramatic fashion when her monther is accused of murder, so the sharp-eyed detective begins her journey to discover the truth and finds out that nothing in her home town is quite what it seems…

We will bring you more news on Jenny LeClue as we have it – does this look like a game you would be interested in?

  • Yoyitsu

    The reveal trailer caught my interest. I’m glad I’ll be able to play it on our favorite handheld. 😀

  • Devin Hudson

    I was disappointed that it wasn’t announced for Vita when it was first revealed, so I’m glad to see this is happening.