The 2d-fighter was confirmed for PS Vita last week.

A few days ago we brought you the news that The Last Blade 2 would be heading to PS Vita. The announcement was made at the Playstation Experience event in San Fransisco last week and yesterday, Sony PlayStation’s Lead Technical Producer for Third Party Production John Sanders, took to Twitter to reveal further details on the port.

The first piece of information revealed that The Last Blade 2 will also be compatible with PlayStation TV as well as the Vita. Accompanying this announcement was that the Vita version of the game will support online multiplayer.

For those unfamiliar with The Last Blade 2, it was originally an arcade and Neo Geo released back in 1998. It is a weapon-based 2d-fighter, which saw 20 fighters battling in the hope of finding a Sealing Maiden, to perform a Sealing Rite that would close the gate between two worlds.

Details are currently scarce, with no release date and no confirmation as to whether the game will be a port of the original, or the Neo Geo CD version, which also included voice acting and a quiz mode.

Keep checking back for all the latest on The Last Blade 2.

  • Steve Jaworski

    More SNK on Vita is music for my ears.