Upcoming JRPG will be a PSP title playable on PS Vita.

Gaijinworks have revealed that their western port of Summon Night 5 will be available to play much sooner than you think. The news was revealed via a post of the companies website, and fans of the long-running series can download a copy of the game when it releases digitally on December 15th in North America. The game will cost $30.99, with download codes being sent out to fans who purchased the physical+digital bundle a day earlier.

We still await details of a European release date, but fingers crossed it will be in the very near future.

The game is a tactical RPG, with the gameplay being turn-based across an isometric perspective. Below is the description of the game taken from Gaijinworks website:

When worlds collide and everything is turned upside-down, a new order
must be created to keep chaos at bay.  Bandai Namco’s Summon Night 5 is the continuing story of that order-keeping society, the Eucross, and the adventures their Summoners have keeping their world and the disparate races from the Otherworlds in balance. Players can choose to experience the story as rookie Summoners Folth or Arca, and one of four possible partners (their “Cross”), giving the game’s dialogue and feel a unique flavor on up to eight different playthroughs.  What players see, and how the characters react depends on what characters are chosen at the beginning of each playthrough. But whatever choices a player makes, they’re in for a charming and sometimes tense Strategy-RPG adventure as they gradually unravel a plot that threatens the balance the Eucross is sworn to protect. The game features beautiful 2D and 3D art with battles presented in user-adjustable isometric perspective, and gorgeous animation that is a hallmark of Bandai Namco productions.

Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest news on Summon Night 5. If you haven’t already, check out our interview with Gaijinworks discussing everything Summon Night.

  • Lester Paredes

    Whee! Last minute release anouncements! Well, at least they gave us a week.

    • Juan Pablo Fernandez

      You’ll enjoy it!

  • Bart Williamz

    I was just thinking earlier today about how I wish there was a good anime-style SPRG that wasn’t chibi…this looks like it fits the bill.

  • Lovisall

    And will it be release in europe for vita ?