Character number eight has been given the trailer treatment by Spike Chunsoft and Famitsu.

These things are coming at us so quick that by the time we get them up another one is almost right behind it! I guess Spike Chunsoft (and Famitsu) are really eager to promote this one, so we’re of course here to pass it on. 😉

So far we’ve taken a look at seven of the characters from Exist Archive in trailer form, with Ogami RenYasakata MitsuhideNagi KoharuKiriya TokihisaKujo Kanata, Miwakawa Ranze, and Tsukishiro Mayura making appearances over the past two weeks or so.

Now however, we get a look at Himuro Suzaku – a troubled daughter of a former mob family. She’s a part time model and full time handful; having run away from home many times in the past.

Check her out below;

Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky is due out in Japan on December 17th.

  • eddie716

    this game looks really good!

  • pimlicosound

    “She’s a part time model and full time handful”


  • Kaboom

    … What an outfit. lol.