Fresh details for Bandai Namco’s upcoming title Summon Night 6: Lost Borders have been released with screenshots that introduce the recently confirmed characters as well as detailing the game’s Summon Arts and Summon Burst systems.

We have all of the information listed below for you;

Visitors Arrive from a Different Timeline?!

Magna, a member of Raj’s party, reunites with his friend Amer. She travels together with a self-proclaimed pirate named Kyle and a young boy of the Metral tribe named Resi.


Although Magna and Amer are delighted by their reunion, Resi appears to be confused by the situations. Resi is aware of Amer, but Amer does not know Resi, although he is a close friend of hers – as the partner who he served as Guardian Beast was a woman.

Amer comes to realise that herself and everyone else came from an alternate world, a world where Magna and Hasaha do not exist – a girl named Toris instead filling the void that these two characters have left.

Why have these timelines intersected? Why has everyone been summoned? The mystery of the cocoon world is getting deeper!

– Amer – voiced by Houko Kuwashima


A saint known as the ‘Angel of Abundance’ born from the fragments of the soul of Almine.

As a result of a battle with her life-long enemy Melgitos in the ‘Puppet War’, Amer was reborn as an incarnation of the holy tree. Although she now lives quietly in the Taboo Forest with Magna, Amer is suddenly summoned to the coccon world and is separated from her friends.

As she searches for Magna, Amer bumps into Kyle – and after curing his injury he joins her on her search.

– Kyle – voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto


The boss of the Kyle pirate family.

Kyle ends up shipwrecked on an island as a result of an uproar over a pair of Magical Swords. Here he meets Aty, someone who is qualified to use a Magical Sword. In the midst of the islands mystery and a fight against imperial forces, Kyle finds himself summoned to a different world. Once he has accepted his situation, Kyle begins to search for his companion.

– Resi – voiced by Chie Sato


The beast world of Metral. Due to the fact that the source of his magical power is at a loss, Resi is considered half a man and finds himself only performing household chores.

In his original world he was summoned by Toris and served as her Guardian Beast. However, once he was summoned to this world he lost the majority of his power and now specialises in household chores.

Mysterious Monsters and More Visitors

In Amu’s party, even more crashing light appeared. Toris and Bulrell appeared, Natsumi, who calls out the two people fighting, is surprised that in spite of meeting Toris for the first time, Toris knows who she is.


After comparing their stories, it is decided that the two people came from Lyndbaum on a different time axis.

Almost immediately the party finds themselves attacked by a monster they have never seen before (a Vanguard Spider) and they fight it off with the aide of Toris and Bulrell. Once the battle is over, the enemy turns into an unravelled thread. It is here that the two realise that they both come from different versions of Lyndbaum.

– Toris – voiced by Ikue Kimura


Descending fron the Kressment family, who are producers of Summon Weapons and are also cursed by the great Rhythmist.

After beating Melgitos, Toris was on her way to the Taboo Forest with her allies when they crash land in the coccon world – where Toris and Nesty get separated.

During the search for Bulrell and Nesty, Toris meets Amu and company. Since they lack consistency, Toris pulls the party her way – acting like an older sister, something of a rarity for her.

– Bulrell – voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi


Bulrell is a Demon King of Sapureth, although, due to the condition of his Link with Toris as her Guardian Beast he takes the form of a child.

At first he was not too happy about this, but Bulrell now has a favourable impression of his master and accompanies her on her journey as a friend.

If the Link is broken, Bulrell can take his form as a demon king, but because he lacks power in this world, he is unsteady when fighting flat-out.

– Kanon and Nesty


Witnessing an explosion from afar, Amu’s party rushes towards the site. There they find Toris’ senior and summons master of the Machine World, Nesty, in the middle of a battle.

Joined by Cunnon, a nurse robot who he met during his journey, Nesty is searching for Toris. Along their travels they are accompanied by demons and fall, unwittingly, into battle with a raging half-man, half-oni named Kanon.

Kanon is a young boy who is also a friend of Natsumi and Cassis. Natsumi knows the gentleness in Kanon’s and tries to persuade it out of him, but his true spirit won’t return to him.

Amu notices the presence of a thread on Kanon’s back and gets an ominous feeling, but what are his true colors…

– Cunnon – voiced by Kanako Tateno


A nurse robot (Frarzen) from the Machine World. Through the love of Rexx and company, an unfinished emotional program was developed for Cunnon in the hope that it would feel more like a human being.

Cunnon does function as a medical care unit, but on the occasions when it is surrounded by armaments, it’s output is not able to occur and so it goes into back-up mode.

While moving about to grasp the situation, they encountered the troubled Cunnon and various medical care is attempted, but…

– Nesty – voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa


Nesty comes to Lyndbaum from the Machine World and is the last descendant of the Veigers Lail clan.

He was on his way to the Taboo Forest with his younger pupil Toris after defeating Melgitos, but he was summoned to another world and separated from Toris.

Nesty is reliable, but his strong suspicions invite discord among his friends. On the other hand, he is polite to his elders, but he has no mercy for his impolite comrades.

– Kanon – voiced by Kanako Tateno


A member of the delinquent group known as Obtuse and from Arozaid. He has sworn a pledge of brotherhood to his friend and leader Banossa, and the pair trust in each other mutually.

A half-human, half-oni, when he’s angry he loses himself and goes wild as a demon.

While he usually has a kind personality, when he is summoned to this world, while looking for Banossa, he is entangled by an evil “thread” and loses control of his demon blood.

Summon Arts and Assists

The series’ familiar Summon Arts. By obtaining Summonite Stones, you’ll be able to summon more and more Summoned Beasts. Using their effects, you can attack the enemy, heal allies, or provide attack assistance.


‘Summon Assists’, which strengthen your Summon Arts with the support of surrounding allies, will also return. This works by consuming the MP of surrounding allies when you use a Summon Art to power up your technique’s effects.

Additionally, it is also possible to use some Summoned Beasts as a Summon Unit, including Tete and Powaso.

Summon Bursts

‘Summon Bursts’ let you perform a united summon with characters who you’ve produced a bond between.


Each unit participating in the battle can combine the Summon Arts they possess to produce a new Summoned Beast.

A Summon Burst can be triggered by selecting another unit within a fixed range of that character (3 squares).

Summon Bursts, in addition to combining attributes, all of the other units participating, whether they’re a warrior type or summoner type,

In addition to combining attributes, Summon Bursts, whether the participating ally units are warrior types or summoner types, change the appearance and technique effects of the Burst Summoned Beast.

Additionally, if you hvae high rank Summonite Stones, and a high favorability with the ally you’re performing a Summon Burst with, you can summon a stronger Burst Summoned Beast.

There are also special Summoned Beasts that can only be summoned via Summon Bursts under specific conditions.

Set to release in Japan in spring 2016, be sure to keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for more news on Summon Night 6:Lost Borders between now and it’s launch!