On the ninth and tenth Exist Archive character trailers, my true love gave to me…

Spike Chunsoft certainly aren’t holding back when it comes to promoting their upcoming side-view RPG Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky. With limited time remaining before its Japanese release, the latest character trailers have dropped.

Up first and clearly making a fashion statement, we are introduced to Namero Todorok who is sporting an open vest and badass scar. This isn’t the first time we have seen him either, he was also featured in the Yasakata Mitsuhide character trailer.

Our friends over at Siliconera were even kind enough as to translate the opening dialogue from the video:

Gang Member: “Sister, I think it’s about time we face the reality…”

Sister: “If our daughter was truly kidnapped, then this means war, but you know… we don’t know if she’s dead yet. I’ve strictly told her to live no matter what. She’ll definitely return. Hasn’t she always done so in the past?”

Afterwards, Namero says: “Suzaku is… doing fine. Actually, she’s probably happier now.” He’s most likely referring to Suzaku Himuro, who heard the voices of her brother and father worried about her whereabouts in her recent trailer.

Also revealed this week is the mysterious heroine Yui Mitosagi:

Yui: … Kanata-san.
Kanata: What seems to be the matter?
Yui: I feel that… something is calling me.
Kanata: … the Existence Crystal.
???: Most likely.
Yui: So this is… what it feels like.
Kanata: Let’s gather our members and head out as soon as possible.
Yui: Yes.
Ren: Oh, I’ll go!
Yui: Ren-san! Thank you very much.
Ren: Following a hero is nothing but happiness for an otaku!

Check out the previous character trailers below:

Exist Archive is set to release on December 17th on PS Vita and PS4 in Japan.