It has been revealed that Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X will have RPG features called ‘Live Quest Mode’ – which brings an extra challenge with Module and loot to collect.

The game is set to feature 30 tracks that all include their own videos, in addition to medley tracks that feature many of Project Diva X‘s popular songs – making the tracklist a grand total of 51 tracks. The medley tracks are newly recorded and are done by various artists from within the group.

Below we can see some screenshots for the tracks:

Amazing Dolce – by Hitoshizuku-P x Yama△

Streaming Heart – by DECO*27

Umiyuri Kaiteitan/ Sea Lily Deep Sea Tale – by n-buna

Slow Motion – by Pinocchio-P


Live Quest Mode: Area Quest


The Live Quest mode is an RPG-like mode where you will be able to check out the conversations between Miku and her friends. You will also be able to take on areas that are split into different elemental-types as part of rhythm-game filled quests that will help boost your Voltage.

There are ‘Gems’ in each area that need to be filled with Voltage, and once they are filled you will continue along with the story. Modules and items are found as loot when you clear quests, with different play styles and strategies available to take on quests.

Here we can see the ‘Area Select’ screen, which will let you choose which element’s area you want to check out. At the start of the game you will only be able to pick the neutral area.

This is what it will look like to get a Module drop from the rhythm games available in this mode. There will also be some items available that you can get as loot.


Clearing all the tracks in the neutral area will unlock a medley track.

Once you fill up an area’s gem with Voltage you will unlock a new area to visit.

Medley track: Hajimari no Medley (Starting Medley) ~Primary Colors~

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  • Miku is never going to go away is she? Long after we’re grey and old, our grandchildren will be interacting with her.