Along with the amazing news that the God Eater series would be coming our way, Bandai Namco also announced the localization of a Gundam title – albeit one outside their main line.

The mech-piloting title Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force has been officially announced for Western localization – though we haven’t got the foggiest about the details on this one either.

It was announced in a fairly brief post by Bandai Namco Entertainment’s community specialist David Lee this morning, though he didn’t have too much to say about the title;

Pilot legendary Mobile Suits and take on missions from various scenarios from Mobile Suit Gundam to Mobile Suit Gundam Universal Century in fast-paced, two-versus-two gameplay to larger and more strategic Team battles.

We know many of you have been asking us to release more Gundam games out in the West and we’re happy to bring out the latest in the Gundam Vs. series exclusively for PS Vita.

Quiet on the subject or not however, I’m sure Gundam fans and fans of games like this in general are just happy to hear they’ll be able to get their hands on a “proper” English copy (whatever form that may take).

We’ll have more news for you as this one develops, but for now…

Are you excited, or what? 🙂

  • Buckybuckster

    Hold on let me check my calendar… nope, it’s not April 1st so this must be legit! I don’t think anyone saw this coming! Bamco’s really opening the floodgates eh? Thanx for all of the Vita love Bams! You keep ’em coming and we’ll keep buying them.

  • WillMerfi

    Bandai Namco is the real Vita MVP.

  • gamezalv

    Bandai Namco is rocking it!! It seems Christmas came early for vita (and also ps4) owners!

  • Lester Paredes

    So, does this mean I need to cancel my english asia version pre order? Do we have to beg and plead for a physical release?

    • Devin Hudson

      That’s what I’m waiting to hear. I’m glad they decided to officially bring it out here, but if they aren’t releasing it physically then I’ll probably still end up importing it.

      • Cousin Jeffrey

        I’m in the same boat. I want a physical copy so probably safer to keep the preorder