A new trailer has also been revealed.

The new video was revealed during the Jump Festa 2016 stage event. The video is set in the “Forests of Light” and starts with two battles. We then see an encounter with Yuna from Final Fantasy X, which leads to protagonists Reynn and Lann summoning Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. There are also glimpses of various other gameplay elements. Loading times do seem to be a tad on the long side, but it has been stated that they will be much shorter in the final version of the games. Check out the video below.

A new trailer was also revealed at the event, which you can also watch below:

The World of Final Fantasy will be heading to PS Vita in 2016.

  • Ogerscherge

    A loading time of 15 seconds before every fight isn’t really what I would call “a tad bit on the long side”, but if they really manage to shorten it significantly until release, it should be okay.
    However, even if it would only be five seconds, it’d probably annoy me a lot.
    That aside the game looks pretty nice though.