New details and screenshots have been released by Bandai Namco for upcoming game Digimon World: Next Order

The Enforcer is a new digimon with a very ominous appearance.


It’s also been revealed that Agunimon from Digimon Frontier will appear as a partner Digimon.


There are also new screenshots of the mysterious man with a black fitted hat. In some of the screenshots and artwork of him he appears to be holding a Digi-Egg.


Bandai Namco has also given a tiny bit of information about its “ExE”-volution System. Abbreviated as simply “ExE,” by raising the bond that you have with your partner Digimon an evolution is possible.

Check out some of the new screenshots below!

Digimon World: Next Order is set to release in Japan on the PlayStation Vita 17th March 2016.

  • Lester Paredes

    While it looks impressive, I don’t like the name. enforcer? PSH! Whatever happened to the whole, end their name in ‘mon’ aspect? Otherwise, I can’t wait! Hope it comes west!