In this week’s Famitsu magazine, Square Enix revealed new details about Final Fantasy Adventure.

The game, which is a full-blown remake of the Game Boy game of the same name, will have completely new graphics, controls and music arrangement by Kenji Ito.


The game’s Ring Command system will be refined – now called the Half Ring Command, – and it will now give more ease when switching between weapons and armor.

Lastly, Adventure will add shortcut commands, making item use quicker.

Final Fantasy Adventure is set to launch this winter in Japan; it is reported to be 90 percent complete.

The game hasn’t been announced for the West, but a trademark did come up recently that may suggest it will be localized.

  • Buckybuckster

    Never had the chance to play the original so I hope for a localization. Like the classic look of it.

  • pkmaximum

    Wow, I might just have to import this game, but I really hope it gets localized! Amazing game on the GB, cannot wait to play the remake.