If you just received a PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV for the holidays (or picked one up yourself), here’s a few things you should be doing with it right away in order to ensure the best experience with your new gadget.

#1 – Update your system software to the latest version to get any missing features.


Stability and features are generally added with each semi-major update, and even the minor ones can lock you out of the PlayStation Store if you’re too long behind. Update your Vita and get the most out of it!

#2 – Turn off “Use Wifi in Power Save Mode” in Power Save settings.


A default setting that should never have been, uncheck this option to enable full power Wifi and a better connection.

#3 – Buy a big-ass Vita memory card (I’d suggest a 64GB import).



A 4GB is simply not enough, an 8GB is usable but tiny, a 16GB gives you room (but not much), a 32GB gives you the maximum space available without importing, and a 64GB is the behemoth of the group; unless you’re going physical and playing one game at a time you’re going to want the biggest size you can afford.

#4 – Set up content manager on your PC, or pair your PlayStation Vita / PlayStation TV with your PlayStation 3 (for backup and sync).


Backing up your content to PC or PS3 is both a great way to keep from having to re-download games, and a good way of swapping them out. We recommend the individual game backup feature and a USB connection for the quickest and most efficient backup experience.

It’s also notable that you can download Vita games directly to the PlayStation 3 and then transfer them to Vita via content manager – though it’s also notable there’s no corresponding feature on PC.

#5 – Pair your PlayStation Vita / PlayStation TV to your PlayStation 4, and make sure that PS4 is set to primary.


Remote play works a lot better (and easier) with your a primary PlayStation 4, and setting up a primary will even allow you to connect to your PS4 for remote play from outside the home network (aka; anywhere in the world with internet). It’s a no-brainer!

#6 – Download any install games you acquired digitally (codes or PSN), and put in your physical games so they install too.


Games need to install before you can play, and if digital need to be downloaded first as well. Ready up your games so they can be played at a moment’s notice – and so you’re ready for the next step.

#7 – Go to the live tile (touch the bubble so you get a screen set up like the one below) of all applications/games, and touch the circular blue arrows at the top of the tile to refresh the content – checking for updates/patches.


Patches will update your game software; eliminating bugs, adding new features, and tweaking settings – they’re required for online play in any online game and are important to the experience. Make sure to check for patches regularly, and install them ASAP!

If any patches show up you’ll get a yellow symbol with an arrow top left of the live tile (shown above); use that to download and install any patches available. You can touch that arrow again to install the patch without loading the game, or touch the notification that the game is “ready to install” once it pops up to install with a jump right into the game afterwards.

Once you’ve done these things you can use your PlayStation Vita/PlayStation TV and its games to their fullest, getting the most out of your games and software right away.

‘Cause there’s nothing like finding out down the line there’s something you could’ve done right away to make the experience better… right?