Koei Tecmo has released three new gameplay videos for their upcoming title Attack on Titan; showing off some basic combat, cooperative bits, and elite moves.

These three short (likely PS4-sourced) videos show off the various methods of gameplay you’ll encounter in the survey corps – including basic combat, cooperative gameplay, and advanced abilities. As a basic combattant you’ll just be looking to survive, as a team you look to work together towards a common goal, and using advanced abilities you can be a one-man wrecking machine; taking down titans like a boss.

Check out…

…some basic combat;

…some cooperative gameplay;

…and some bad-ass moves;

Are you getting excited yet?

Attack on Titan releases February 18th in Japan, and sometime later in the year for the West.

  • Zero Eternity

    Here is a question I just thought about. How far in the series will the game’s storyline go?

    • Yoyitsu

      Probably as far as the anime has gotten, as is usual with this type of games.

  • Danny Boy

    Still looking Good … BUT.. the gameplay can’t just be the same thing over and over ….. swing chop swing chop… or is that it >??<<<>><<??>>???????????????? I would get bored o this in a few hours if so…..

    • Clankers

      Crybaby statement. 🙂

      • Danny Boy

        i bet your 10 years old …… dude u have no life go find one…

        • Clankers

          Same to you fail troll. 😉